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How To Get Back into Ketosis?

How To Get Back into Ketosis

If you find that your cheat did kick you out of ketosis, unfortunately there is no way to predict your exact recovery time. It depends on what and how much you ate, how adept your body is to the keto diet, how long you stayed off your low-carb meal plan, and the reactions of your own distinct body;  everybody is different and has different reactions.

It should go without saying that the best way to get back into ketosis is to strictly follow a keto diet (i.e a high fat, low carb diet, with modest amounts of protein and a low carb intake of 20 net grams of carbs per day).  The key is to meal prep and then know and to track your macros so that your body burns body fat for fuel, your blood-sugar levels decrease, and you again reach ketosis. Also, meal plan so you don’t get hungry and tempted to grab something carb-heavy. 

  1. Try intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting, or following a rotating schedule of fasting and eating, can help kickstart ketosis. You can learn more about how to intermittent fast. 
  2. Perhaps add exogenous ketones, such as MCT oil.