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How Do You Know You are in Ketosis?

How Do You Know You are in Ketosis

Here are some common symptoms of ketosis to look for, some desirable and some less positive.

  1. Keto Breath – As ketone body production increases, acetone is exhaled through your breath, producing a fruity scent1. If you notice this slight change, it could be a sign of ketones taking over. 
  2. Decreased Appetite – If you are finding your cravings are fading and you can go a little longer between meals without as much hunger, you could be in ketosis.
  3. Although the mechanism behind this phenomenon is still being investigated, it is thought that fat supplies a steadier stream of energy than carbs and does not cause spikes in blood sugar. Additionally, keto foods are satiating, and ketosis may suppress hunger hormones1.
  4. Increased Focus – While it is thought that starting a keto diet may result in a little brain fog, settling into ketosis may help improve your mental clarity and focus.
  5. Although research is still in its early stages around ketosis and brain health, you may find that your memory is sharper and your mood is a little brighter while on a keto diet 2. 
  6. Better Workouts – Fat is a desirable source of long-lasting energy for many endurance athletes, so it’s no surprise that being able to metabolize fat more efficiently can support certain types of exercise. In fact, some research suggests that ketosis may provide athletes more energy and support recovery 3.
  7. Frequent Urination – As your body eliminates glycogen stores, this can pull a lot of water out of your muscles. Additionally, your kidneys tend to pump out more fluid while on ketosis 5.
  8. Rapid Weight LossCalorie restriction still remains the only recognized approach to fat loss, but changes in body water weight can occur early on in low carb diets due to the fluid losses mentioned above. 
  9. If you are feeling less bloated or slightly leaner suddenly, you could be shedding some water weight. 
  10. Ketones in Your Urine or Breath – Ultimately, the most definitive way to determine whether you are in ketosis is to test your ketone levels!

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